Machine Learning Meets Reading

Step 1: Navigate to and hit 'Sign up'

Step 2: Sign up with whatever option you want

Step 3: Skip the Find Friends step

Step 4: Skip the Reading Goal step

Step 5: Select at least one genre you like

This will NOT affect recommendations from our site, only Goodreads

Step 6: Rate some books!

You only need a single rating to use our site so you don't need 20. The more books you rate however, the better the recommendations

Step 7: Hit `I'm finished rating' once your are done

Step 8: Go to your profile

Step 9: Hit Profile button

Step 10: Edit your profile

Step 11: Set your username. This step is CRITICAL in order to use our website

Step 12: Head to Settings

Step 13: Make sure your profile is viewable by anyone

This should be set by default

Step 14: Save changes

Step 15: Get some recommendations!